Saturday, June 10


Today's Portugal's day, so why not take a look at this video? Maybe you can get inspired and, who knows, go there for a visit?! ;D

"Listen, we're the same size as what we see and not what we have"

Friday, May 5

Nulla Succede Per Caso!

6.30am. If there was no delay and everything went as planned, I'm flying right now. Literally. Next stop: Milan!

"Nothing happens by chance!" - This quote started making sense in my life a few years ago with the person who, in a few hours, will also fly to the same destination.

It's been 2 years since I took a plane from Lisbon to start a new chapter in Liverpool, and now here I am again in the clouds. This time it is only for a weekend (extended), but with many adventures in sight.
If nothing happens by chance there will certainly be a reason to be travelling again exactly 2 years after one of the biggest changes of my (can I still say short?) life, but that I will know in the right time when I'll have to connect the points. The date, this one was chosen by me completely at random and only later I realized the "coincidence", but let's start at the beginning.

One day when I was bathing (where the most stupid, or extraordinary, ideas come from, depends on the point of view) I thought that travelling with two of my friends who have been with me since always could be a very beautiful way to keep us connected. Since I came to Liverpool, Sofia went to Rotterdam and Claudia stayed in Lisbon, we seem to be always in different ways. When I go to Lisbon Sofia is coming back to Rotterdam, or Claudia is going somewhere else so we are never together individually, not even speaking in being the 3 of us together.
I had the responsibility of choosing a city, a date and dealing with everything and so I did. I looked for something that was common for the three, since each one would go from different places and within the options was: Milan, May 5-8. We all had a good feeling about this one, even being a surprise for them at the begining.

Mentioning with a colleague, and saying in English the date on which I was travelling, I realized that it was the same date that I arrived here. I smiled. He said "Maybe you’ll live there too!" It's not in my plans, but it's funny, isn’t it?

Unfortunately Sofia could not come, but I'm sure there will be many more flights coming for us! After all nulla succede per caso!


Thursday, August 27

New Year's Eve

Who out there is already making plans for New Year's Eve?
I know that it takes more four months until the time, but the New Year's Eve is one of the times when people travels more to watch the fireworks throughout the world. Planning all as far from the date as we can, in this case, is the key to success, because if we follow the Portuguese habit of leaving everything to the last minute we end up sitting on the couch (or up on the chair) counting the chimes with aunty Teresa, or Julinha.
So, let's suggest some places to give you some ideas.

Madeira: Because what is Portuguese is good, I couldn't start with any other destination. Madeira Fireworks have long been considered the most beautiful and are part of the Guinness World Records book as the world's largest fireworks show. The travel options are many with the best hotels offering several packages for the night. Gonna miss?

Paris: It is known for many as the city of love and is a destination that's worth a visit at any time of year. What many don't know is that Paris is also known as the "City of Light" for becoming specially lighted in New Year's Eve. I can already imagine ourselves raising the champagne glass, next to our soul-mates, while we shout Bonne Année, at the sound of the Fireworks that light up, the already beautiful, Eiffel Tower. Nice picture?

Made In Portugal #3

As you know, we like to share the best artists made in Portugal. Diogo Piçarra is the definition of it. I decided I had to talk about him in this serie a long time ago, but after watching this video, I said: it has to be today! I could have chosen Tu e Eu or Breve or Volta or any other, because all of them make so much sense, but I chose this one for all of the reasons and some more. Apart from being perfectly well-written (as all the others indeed) the video is very well connected with the words, and just artists like him can do that! I could keep writing about how good Diogo is, but you just need to listen to him to realize it!

Eu sei, a ouvir-te a vida vai bem =) - I know, when I am listening you life goes well =)